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Somatic Resilience Therapy

reduce stress / increase resilience / repattern your nervous system

Hi, I’m Ana Rosa.

I’m a holistic therapist, and my mission is to help people repattern their nervous system, eliminate inappropriate stress responses, and feel better every day.

Self Integration Guidance teaches actionable tools to integrate your mental, emotional and physical bodies for greater well-being.

While we can't change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve the present challenges in your life, like how your body is currently responding to stressors.

Somatic resilience is the body’s ability to recover quickly from stress. We practice tools to self-regulate the nervous system so that you can weather life’s storms with confidence.

If you're looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or you're just ready to move in a new direction, I’m here to help you through it. My goal is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life worth celebrating.


Our Work Together

Holistic therapy begins by bringing awareness to your sensory-based experience. In other words, we start by paying attention to what is happening in your body when you experience a memory or are under stress.

I help you learn about your physical responses to stress and trauma, so you can first become aware of your automatic reactions (with compassion for yourself), and then become empowered to choose alternate ways of being that feel better and serve you in the long run.

We work on creating a conscious connection to your body so you have more power over your reactions. Like anything, somatic (sensory) awareness gets easier with practice over time. It is my intention to create a safe space for you to feel seen, heard and understood during this transformative period of growth.

You remain the leader of the work.

It’s your life, your journey, and your process.

Holistic Therapies


Individual Holistic Therapy

One-on-one holistic therapy sessions are conducted virtually. These sessions are designed to help you rewire your stress response and feel progressively better in your body. You’re ready to do the deep work and create lasting changes in your life.

Adult Family Reconnection Therapy

This unique holistic therapy is designed to help adult children of immigrants reconnect to their parent(s). These multi-cultural trauma-informed therapy group sessions can be conducted virtually, and are informed by social justice issues.

Embodied Dance Therapy

By focusing on movement and breath, we can work together to bring more awareness and joy into the body. We let the body inform us where we need to heal, and follow a guided dance meditation to enhance our relationship to ourselves.


Multi-Cultural Awareness

As a bilingual and bicultural person, I especially love working with multicultural individuals and families.

I want you to know that holistic therapy is for you, too. I understand the pain of not being understood, the difficulties of living across borders, and the challenges of assimilation. With strong roots in Colombia, I’m fluent in Spanish and dedicated to making this work accessible across cultures.

My therapeutic process is trauma-informed, social justice-informed and focused on letting the client lead the way to their own healing. My goal is to provide the tools you need to feel safe in the world and experience a deeper sense of connection to your own unique life.

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Upcoming Workshops

The resilience tools I teach help you reconnect with yourself and your intuition, so you embody an empowered state of decision-making: you are confident in knowing what feels good and what doesn’t, so you can more gracefully and easily move toward your goals.

I teach occasional in-person workshops in Long Beach, California, and the greater Los Angeles area. These workshops are a great introduction to resilience tools, and are a fun way to relax and rejuvenate. If you’re looking for a new experience to enhance your health and well-being, check the calendar for upcoming dates.


Start Your Path to Resilience Today.

A Message From Ana Rosa

You are not alone.

We all share this universal human experience.

We all have pain stored inside us.

While it’s normal to feel stressed, it’s also possible to retrain your nervous system for less suffering.

Holistic therapy is all about finding words for what you are sensing and feeling.

We get to the root of the issues to help you train your body for greater calm.

My goal is to impart tools to help you weather life’s challenges through any storm, and come out feeling more alive on the other side.

Hola soy ana rosa

Soy un trabajadora social clínica con licencia (LCSW) y he ayudado a familias, parejas, estudiantes e individuos a aumentar su resistencia al estrés por más de 18 años.

Soy una facilitadora certificada de "The Resilience Toolkit" o El Kit de Herramientas de Resiliencia, desarrollado por Lumos Transforms. Este conjunto de herramientas enseña formas de utilizar la atención plena, la meditación y el "temblor terapéutico" para reducir el estrés y aumentar la capacidad de recuperación a través de el tiempo.

Soy una proveedora certificada de Ejercicios de liberación de tensión y trauma (TRE). Estos ejercicios le enseñan cómo liberar diseño musculares profundos de estrés en el cuerpo.

También soy una instructora de Nia cinturón verde. Nia es una práctica holística de acondicionamiento físico que incluye danza en parte, conciencia plena y artes marciales, diseñada para captar los sentidos y animar la mente, el cuerpo y el alma.

Soy bilingüe en español e inglés, con raíces en Colombia. Traigo una sensibilidad multicultural y una conciencia de los problemas de justicia social y me encanta trabajar con familias multiculturales.

Creo que el mejor regalo que puedo dar a alguien es la capacidad de autocuración. Mi misión es capacitar a mis clientes con las herramientas que necesitan para enfrentar las dificultades de la vida con más facilidad y tranquilidad. 


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